Terms & Condition

A} First come first serve basis.
1] No order through phone call, SMS, facebook, twitter atau juga Google+. Those social network for our promotion and communication activities only . Orders will be entertained through order form only.
2]*There are 2 form. 
i) Order Form is for placing order and is filled before payment to be make.
ii) Payment Confirmation form is after customer has made a payment.
iii) Strictly, please provide correct information in your Order Form and Payment Confirmation Form.
3] Strictly, customer has to filled both form, Order Form and Payment Confirmation Form.
i) But, for Payment Confirmation Form, customer can SMS us, but its require a lot of detail as in Payment Confirmation Form ask for.
ii) In before, to inform us whether using Payment Confirmation Form or just SMS, you have to select which one in your Order Form at first. Please decide for this.
4] *Customer order status : Pending | Paid | Shipped.
Customer order status will only informed through SMS or email as customer select in order form. No both SMS and email, only one communication for order status will be informed.

B} Customer status : in Pending period
1] No cancellation and exchanging item after placing an order in Order Form. Strictly from us because we want to avoid non-serius order. *Order will be recorded and we will send you notification that your order status is in Waiting for your payment.
2] Customer have to make a payment within 24 to 48 hours as they place the order.
*Your order will automatically cancelled if :
i) No payment made in 24 to 48 hours, this means you are backout buyer. Backout buyer will be blacklisted by us. They will not be entertained by us anymore. (Backout buyer : No payment made after placing the order)
ii) When two people place the same order at the same period, but within 48 hours given, fastest payment win the deal. If this happen, we are responsible to inform customer that the item had been paid by fastest customer.(But if you does not win the deal, we do not consider you as backout buyer)
3] Isabella Bag House official bank account is CIMB Bank. The account number is 082 000 1152 7526. With the the name of owner is Khaliesah bt Kamarulzaman.
3] *Before make a payment :
i) Kindly please automatically add RM 5 because shipping fee is not included with item cost. (Pos Laju's cost + Tax= RM 4.50 + RM 0.50). Ex. 1 item = RM 38, shipping fee = RM 5. So, you have to make a payment for item + shipping fee : RM 38 + RM 5 = RM 42.
ii) If 2 or 3 or 4 item that you order, Shipping fee maintain RM 5 for more than 1 item, no need to add RM 5 for more. . This is Isabella Bag House's pleasure for our dearest customer.
4] *After made a payment :
i) You have to fill the Payment Confirmation Form for next process.
ii) Kindly, in that form, let us know when you made a payment and the exact amount that you had paid because if there is money balance, we will put it together with your parcel.
iii) You have to wait for our feedback for us to verify your Payment Confirmation Form. After we verify your payment, your order status will be as Paid, and we will inform this notification to you through SMS or email. 

C} Customer status : in Paid period
1] No exchanging item after payment has has been done.*Your order will still Shipped.
2] No refund if you wish to cancel your order after payment has been done. *Your order will still Shipped.
( Strictly from us because we want to avoid non-serius order )
3] Order will making on Monday only at Pos Laju. If you paid Tuesday, so, your order will shipped next week on Monday. Same goes to other day. If you paid on Sunday, your order will be making tomorrow on Monday. ( This one please take note )

D} Customer status : in Shipped period
1] The parcel’s shipment tracking number will be provided once item has been shipped out.
2] Colour of items might vary due to lighting or screen hue differences.
3] Items are 100% in new and good condition.
4] Isabella Bag House have no responsible to damages or lost incurred during shipping. 
5] Items paid are not exchangeable nor refundable as item Shipped.

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